Get the Best Out of Your Limousine Experience

Limousine is derived from the French term “limous,” meaning “wind.” A limousine, or limousine for short, is typically a large, high-end luxury car usually driven by a private chauffeur having a partition separating the driver’s area from the passenger area. Limousines are typically used for business travel or for transportation of celebrities. You’ll see limousine in the movies, on TV shows, and on the streets of New York and other major cities around the world. It is a special vehicle that speaks of opulence and luxury.

Limousines are typically divided into three sections: the interior, the exterior, and the sleeping area. The interior compartment has a seating capacity of nine passengers, while the exterior section has an open roof, just like a bus. The driver and passengers can enjoy the outside view, or the scenery of a city, at the same time as they drive in comfort and privacy. Chauffeurs usually provide their own beds in a compartment adjacent to the driver’s.

There are many reasons why people choose to travel in a limousine. Perhaps you want to impress your date or hire a limousine to transport executives to meetings or conventions. You might also need a limousine for your honeymoon, a wedding, or another special occasion when you want your guests to be as well-received as possible. Regardless of the reason, it’s always important to choose the right limousine. There are some things you can do to ensure your experience in a luxury car is enjoyable.

One of the luxuries offered by some limousine companies is stretch limousines. Stretch limousines offer passengers more leg room, increased comfort, and increased space. Some stretch limousines feature leather seats with headrests, and are available in many different colors, styles, and sizes. They are perfect for weddings, proms, bachelor parties, corporate events, and any other kind of special event you might need transportation for.

Stretch limousine models are typically larger than most other sedans, sometimes up to forty five feet, and can accommodate up to nine passengers. These large vehicles are often equipped with amenities such as a bar, TV screens, music systems, karaoke machines, and even telephones with long distance calls. These vehicles are available in many different colors and with many different floor plans, allowing you to customize your ride to fit your needs. Most stretch limousine models are also diesel efficient. This means they run more efficiently and give you better gas mileage than other luxury vehicle options on the market.

If you are hiring luxury limos for your business travel or to transport members of your party, you should know that most vehicles come equipped with CCTV cameras, safety vests, fire extinguishers, seat belts, and GPS navigation system. In addition, most stretch limos also come with tinted windows, a speaker system with subwoofers, a refrigerated interior, DVD players, and personal computers with internet access. You can even have a computer hooked up to your cell phone for use while you are driving, although most limo companies do not offer cell phones while in operation. You can choose from a number of different models, depending on how much extra features you want and what style you are looking for. Many limousine companies offer discounts on their vehicles, so if you book your limousine early enough, you may be able to get a discount as well.