Is the largest London Heathrow World airport?

Heathrow London Airport is one of the world’s great airports. Consisting of five airport terminals has been around for more than 50 years. This is the main hub airport for the UK and serves destinations around the world. Located right outside the M25, 15 miles west of Central London, Heathrow is easy to find and the main access point to London and the surrounding area.

More than 80 airlines fly to and from Heathrow. More than 190 goals were available and in 2011 more than 60 million passengers departed and arrived from one of the 203 gates. This is the home of the British Airways and its airline partners. The airport is busy, in 2011 476,197 flights using airports and handling up to 190,000 passengers per day plus many other visitors.

Heathrow has a modern advanced facility. Terminal 5 has just opened. This terminal has a sophisticated baggage handling system and the latest in the airport shopping experience. This is the main terminal for the British Airways and the busiest airport with the number of passengers. Heathrow is equipped to handle the largest aircraft including Airbus A380.

Exceptional shopping facilities. You have a brand to choose from to fit all the budgets. From jewelry by Gucci, luxury items from Harrods to sunglasses from the sunglass hut. Designer clothes from Paul Smith, Ted Baker, Dolce and Gabanna. Shoes from Jimmy Choo and many shopping names are more famous and exotic.

Coffee shops, bars, restaurants, cafes are everywhere. Great cooking from the restaurant plane plane Gordon Ramsay, Carluccio’s, Café Rouge, Wagamama and more.

Terminal 2.

At the time of terminal 2 writing closed for reconstruction. You can be sure that when reopened it will be better than before.

Get to and from London Heathrow airport

Travel to and from Heathrow airport is easy. There are many choices.

Car. Drive using M25, M40, M4 from London and its surroundings, with M3, M1 and M11 connected to the M25 that connects you to further. There are a large number of old stays and short visits of car parking available at Heathrow Airport.

Bus. The shuttle bus connects the terminal with the Heathrow Center Bus station. It is connected to other airports in the London area, Gatwick, Stansted and also for national local bus networks and hotels. This service is normal and can be ordered in advance.

Train. London Heathrow Airport is connected directly to the train network using the Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect services. Train Express ran every 15 minutes Mayfair chauffeur without stopping to Paddington Station with a 15-minute trip. Connect Trains stopped at several stations and drank 25 minutes to reach Paddington. At Paddington Station you have direct access to the underground system, the destination train from London Paddington and also other main train stations in London through underground. The Heathrow Middle Train Station is located between Terminal 1 and 3. There are stations in the Terminal 4 and 5 basement connected to the Heathrow center station.

Underground. The piccadilly line is connected directly to terminal 1, 3, 4 and 5. The center of the center will take from one, to one and a half hours to reach depending on the time of day and the terminal. At peak times it might be longer.

Taxi. Taxis are available in all terminals. London Black Cabs licensed and traditional London taxi. Non “Black Cabs” or personal rental of Minicab taxis, this has the potential to be cheaper but must be ordered earlier before. The airport also has private private driver services for a little luxury and style. Between terminals. You can travel between terminals using clothes, taxis, bus shuttle or walking. It’s great and sometimes the airport is very busy and runs only recommended if you have plenty of time and want to exercise.

Bicycle. An existing cycle route network and from the airport. Free parking for your cycle is available at Terminal 1, 3, 4 and 5.