Journey To The East With The Most Oriental-Themed Slot Machines

Take a look at the richness of East Asia’s culture as famous icons play as symbols on the reels of oriental themed slot machines at Slots. The inspiration comes from Asian nations such as Japan, Korea and China These slot games have features unique to the region and will draw players into breathtaking settings that evoke traditional oriental cultures.

Explore the oriental world by playing these slots and collect the gold-colored ingots as well as sakura blossoms and lucky symbols on every spin. Find the top oriental themed slots available at Slots and experience the most fortunate player in existence when you have the chance to hit the jackpot!

Here are some of the most well-known oriental-themed slot machines at Slots:

Asian Beauty (Microgaming)

Slot machine at Casino Asian Beauty depicts different beautiful women as reel symbols. It also features other authentic Japanese symbols like silver and gold ingots as well as lotus flowers and cherry blossoms. When you play, you will listen to a soothing and melodious oriental music that reflects the theme with a stunning beauty.

Asian Beauty is a game featuring five reels, three rows, and more than 243 paylines. With the RTP of 96.4 percent, you can have great odds of winning huge jackpots from the game. Beyond the elegance and beauty in its graphics, its greatest aspect that is offered by Asian Beauty slot is its free spins feature, where you are awarded bonuses of up to 25 games which can increase your winnings!

The game also comes with bonus games like The Mirror Bonus where you’re given the mirrors in a row with various beautiful women behind them. Simply click on the mirrors to find three of a kind to win the prizes each beauty will award.

Cherry Blossoms (Microgaming)

Cherry Blossoms slot takes its design of The Japanese tradition of looking at and enjoying flowers, such as the tree mentioned above. The reels are embellished with stunning Japanese symbols like the castle, lanterns made of paper, and fans. Wilds are represented as geishas or Japanese entertainers. At the center there is a cherry blossom.

The game comprises 3 rows and 5 reels which offer the chance to hit the gorgeous symbols across 20 paylines with the RTP of 95.37 percent.

Make sure you land identical symbol on the same row of reels three or more and you’ll be awarded 15 20 or 25 free spins. And since the winnings are all multiplied in the game’s free spins, it’s possible to be able to take home a winnings that is worthy of the Emperor!

Big Win Cat (Play’n GO)

A very recognizable symbols in Asian cultural traditions is Maneki Neko, also known as the cat that brings luck, waving. You can find this symbol in the Big Win Cat slot set slot olympus88 in an Asian shop filled with luck-inspiring trinkets and other animals that can bring luck like pigs, fishes and turtles.

It’s a basic, but enjoyable game with 3 reels and 3 rows . There are just 5 paylines running between left and right. Although it’s simple, the game comes with an RTP in the range of 96.15 percent, which means you are likely to winning this game! Of course it is also worth noting that it’s Re-Spin of Luck feature adds the chance of winning more.

The re-spin feature can be activated whenever you’ve got two complete reels. If the reels are filled with the same symbol you’ll receive the multiplier wheel instead. This will allow you to multiply your winnings up to 10 times, which is a great way of adding an extra twist to this classic oriental slot.

Kitsune Mask (Spinomenal)

Kitsunes are among the most well-known mythological creatures from Japanese mythology. They are tricksters that transform into other creatures or even humans. When playing Kitsune Mask, a fox mask functions in the role of a Wild symbol, which can help you win winning combinations when it expands into other reels.

The game is comprised of three rows and five reels with an 95.8 percent RTP. The game also has an additional bonus game that could boost the amount of money you win. Find three treasure boxes in one spin to activate the bonus. You can also add the multiplier located on your side, by collecting bonuses each spin of the entire game. This can also boost the free spins, which gives you a greater chance of increasing the amount of money you win.

Discover your luck in oriental themed slot machines

Explore all that East Asia has to offer on the reels of these oriental themed slot games, and return home with riches and treasures worthy of the Emperor. After traveling to Asia and west, you’ll discover a variety of worlds that you can explore with Slots’s variety of themed slots. There’s no limit to the possibilities of slots , and so are your chances of winning always remain focused and keep spinning the reels!